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The International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice

AcSS, Emeritus Professor of Evaluation Research, University of Lancaster and Visiting Professor, University of Bristol, UK

Published in Association with Tavistock Institute, London, UK

Over the last two decades, evaluation has become a major issue for academics, governmental and public organizations and businesses throughout the world. This has, however, resulted in a body of knowledge scattered across disciplines, professions and countries.

To promote dialogue internationally and to build bridges within this expanding field, Evaluation: The International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice was launched in July 1995.

Evaluation is interdiciplinary, bringing together contributions from across the social sciences and related disciplines, including, but not limited to:

  • politics, economics and public administration
  • psychology, sociology and anthropology
  • education, health and law
  • information science and information technology

The journal publishes multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and issue-based contributions.

Evaluation encourages dialogue between different evaluation traditions such as program evaluation, technology assessment, auditing, value-added studies, policy evaluation and quality assessment.

The journal also bridges domains where evaluation is currently taking place, including:

  • education, science and technology policy
  • criminal justice
  • healthcare and social services
  • vocational training
  • regional development

Edited from a European base, Evaluation is an international journal which promotes exchange between European, North American, Asian and Australasian voices within the evaluation community.

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  • Special Issues - Occasional Special Issues examine important topics in depth.
  • Visits to the World of Practice - This is an occasional feature based on visits by members of the editorial team to important centres of evaluation practice.
  • News from the Community - The journal will inform you about the activities and plans of different evaluation societies and associations.
  • Reviews - The book review section in alternate issues will keep you in touch with the latest publications in your field.
  • Speeches and Addresses - This is an occasional feature, not in article format, in which presentations at conferences and other public gatherings are brought to a wider audience.
  • Debates, Notes and Queries - In this feature you are invited to share your views and enter into debate with other readers.

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Frequency: Quarterly eISSN: 1461-7153 ISSN: 1356-3890
Months of Distribution: January , April , July , October Current Volume: 21 Current Issue: 1
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