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Critical Thinking and Writing for Nursing Students

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Customer Review 1

This is a very well written resource which will provide both undergraduate students and those returning to practice and study with very useful guidance and support to develop thier critical thinking skills. The reflective activities provide the reader with opportunities to develop these skills and provides good examples of critical thinking across academic, reflectice essays adn portfolio development. It also helps the student to critically engage with a range of teaching strategies from lectures to simulation and clinical placements.

Dr Angus Forsyth

Public Health and Wellbeing, Northumbria University

Mar 16 2015

Customer Review 2

simple student friendly book easy to follow and use

Mrs Pamela Holland

Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University

Jan 26 2015

Customer Review 3

This text was written at a level that enabled students to develop their own style and apply it to the assignment with flair.

Mrs Janet Macfarlane

Higher Education, Accrington & Rossendale College

Dec 19 2014

Customer Review 4

Students will love this book as it is not heavy going, it flows well and at the same time gives them essential information.

Mrs Maxine Cromar-Hayes

Faculty of Health and Sciences, College Road

Jul 17 2014

Customer Review 5

Will be useful for the students when they move from 1st to 2nd year. Provides some useful tips and relates to real life scenarios

Mrs Sue Cresswell

Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, Coventry Univ.

Jul 01 2014

Customer Review 6

This book provides fundamental information to students to promote success in assessments within the higher education setting. The format is easy to read and the structure logical.


School of Nursing & Midwifery, De Montfort University

Jun 20 2014

Customer Review 7

This is a well written book that will aid undergraduate students with their critical writing. Although written for nursing students this text may also be beneficial for other disciplines such as Paramedics.

Mrs Shona Green

Nursing & Midwifery, Demontfort University

Apr 30 2014

Customer Review 8

Useful resource for students as they progress through the levels expected in the programme

Mrs Jean Shapcott

School of Nursing, Kingston University

Apr 03 2014

Customer Review 9

An area where some students struggle - this is a good start and will supplement the support that we give to our students.

Mr Phil Holdich

Adult and Children's Nursing Studies, Huddersfield University

Mar 27 2014

Customer Review 10

This is an essential skill for our student nurses, and necessary in the development of the portfolio.

Ms Pat Clarke

Faculty of Health and Social Care, Liverpool John Moores University

Mar 23 2014

Customer Review 11

I shared this with students to gather their views Some appreciated the exercises Some enjoyed the layout, others found the close text and lengthy explanations tiring and disengaging. As with most supporting texts, different students respond to different resources. Therefore it is always useful to have variety to offer.

Mrs Trudi Neenan

Dept of Health Sciences, York University

Feb 11 2014

Customer Review 12

good book fitsinto several modules and is generic in theses modules for 4 fields of nursing, no essential booklist

Carl Covill

The School of Human & Health Sciences, Huddersfield University

Feb 06 2014

Customer Review 13

I received the revised copy of this text as I had received the previous edition as an inspection copy. Once again, I am very impressed with this text and I will be recommending this to my students. Not alone is this text useful for pre-registration students and their trajectory through the different years of the programme, it is also useful for those nurses returning to academia after a period of absence. It familiarises the student with the requirements of critical writing and the difference between critiquing and reflecting. A very useful text - well done!

Mr Thomas Beary

School of Nursing and Midwifery, Hertfordshire University

Jan 29 2014

Customer Review 14

Good clear advice. A much needed publication

Mr Colin Winter

Adult Nursing, London South Bank University

Dec 23 2013

Customer Review 15

A useful book for pre registration students who are developing their awareness of complex issues within health care and learning how to articulate their opinions

Ms Mary Brady

School of Nursing - Faculty of Health and Social C, Kingston University

Dec 11 2013

Customer Review 16

Some chapters were more appropriate for senior students although other aspects of the book will be useful to all levels. Easy to read and follow. Some case studies relevant.

Ms Sue Bowers

School of Health, Staffordshire University

Nov 08 2013

Customer Review 17

Most of the book was easy to read and follow. I particularly like the reference to reflection / reflective practice.

Ms Sue Bowers

Faculty of Health and Sciences, Staffordshire University

Nov 08 2013

Customer Review 18

Excellent book with really useful techniques for teaching critical analysis

Mrs Suzanne Everett

Nursing Archway, Middlesex University

Oct 31 2013

Customer Review 19

an excellent resource that helps students to understand what critical thinking is and how it relates to both theory and practice. The new chapter on critiquing literature is an excellent edition to this new edition.

Mrs Linda Robson

Faculty of Health Ormskirk, Edge Hill University

Oct 30 2013