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Applications for the Social Sciences
Paperback 28-02-2015 £11.99
Hardcover 07-06-2011 £37.50
Ebook 08-08-2011
In this era of specialization, few scholarly periodicals cover the scope of societies and politics like The Annals. Each volume is guest-edited by outstanding scholars and experts in the topics studied and presents more than 200 pages of timely, in-depth...
ISSN: 00027162  | Frequency: Published 6 times a year
An International Journal an international journal devoted to the study of science and technology in social context. It focuses on the way in which advancements in science and technology influence society and vice versa.
ISSN: 09717218  | Frequency: Three times a year
Hardcover 14-05-2013 £220.00
Linking Theory and Practice
Science Communication unites international scholarly exploration of three broad but interrelated topics: communication within research communities, communication of scientific and technical information to the public, and science and technology communications policy.
ISSN: 10755470  | Frequency: Quarterly
Paperback 16-10-1992 £29.99
Fifth Edition
Paperback 30-06-2014 £20.99
The Essentials, Second Edition
Paperback 31-10-2014 £54.00
Hardcover 30-11-2014 £255.00
1 to 10 (of 194 results found)