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Hardcover 06-06-2011 £47.00
Ebook 07-08-2011
Four-Volume Set
Hardcover 19-05-2010 £695.00
A Journal on Capitalism and Socialism
... is a theoretical and scholarly journal for discussion and debate on the political economy of capitalism, imperialism, and socialism in the Americas. Most issues focus on a single problem, nation, or region, providing an in-depth look from participants...
ISSN: 0094582X  | Frequency: Published 6 times a year
In this era of specialization, few scholarly periodicals cover the scope of societies and politics like The Annals. Each volume is guest-edited by outstanding scholars and experts in the topics studied and presents more than 200 pages of timely, in-depth...
ISSN: 00027162  | Frequency: Published 6 times a year
Promoting Positive Child, Adolescent, and Family Development Through Research, Policies, and Programs
Hardcover 02-12-2002 £450.00
... is New Zealand's professional political science journal. It presents original, peer reviewed, high quality scholarship from a range of methodological and theoretical perspectives, particularly but not limited to those with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region.
ISSN: 00323187  | Frequency: Bi-annually
Hardcover 16-02-2011 £110.00
Ebook 27-02-2011
Four-Volume Set
Hardcover 19-10-2005 £625.00
... is a new annual publication that presents original research and scientific reviews relevant to public policy.
ISSN: 23727322  | Frequency: Annually
... is committed to publishing peer-reviewed material that makes a significant contribution to international political science. IPSR seeks to meet the needs of political scientists throughout the world who are interested in studying political phenomena...
ISSN: 01925121  | Frequency: Published 5 times a year
1 to 10 (of 85 results found)