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Information sur les Sciences Sociales
... is a major international forum for the analysis and debate of trends and approaches in social science research and teaching. Publishing articles in both English and French. Social Science Information presents research from a broad range of perspectives,...
ISSN: 05390184  | Frequency: Quarterly
Paperback 18-01-2000 £37.99
Hardcover 01-02-2000 £99.00
Ebook 16-09-2010
The Journal of Comparative Social Science

...examines topics that span societies, nations and cultures, providing strategies for the systematic testing of theories about human society and behavior. Research reports, review articles, methodological studies, bibliographies and discussion...

ISSN: 10693971  | Frequency: Published 5 times a year
... is a fully peer reviewed journal which promotes multidisciplinary research focused on consumption and consumer culture. Publishing three times a year, and indexed in ISI, it adopts a global perspective critically drawing on both theory and empirical research...
ISSN: 14695405  | Frequency: Three times a year
Hardcover 14-12-2005 £740.00
Hardcover 10-03-2008 £47.00
Ebook 07-12-2008
Second Edition
Paperback 21-08-1995 £38.99
Hardcover 21-08-1995 £117.00
Ebook 20-08-2012
... is an international peer reviewed journal that publishes articles, reviews, and scholarly comment discussing the workings of time and temporality across a range of disciplines, including anthropology, geography, history, psychology, and sociology. Work focuses...
ISSN: 0961463X  | Frequency: Three times a year
... has from its inception in March 1995 as a peer-reviwed companion journal to Theory, Culture & Society, pioneered and shaped the field of body-studies. It has been committed to theoretical openness characterized by the publication of a wide range of critical...
ISSN: 1357034X  | Frequency: Published 5 times a year
... promotes interdisciplinary research, focused on social approaches in archaeology, it champions innovative social interpretations of the past and encourages exploration of contemporary politics and heritage issues. It engages with contemporary perspectives on...
ISSN: 14696053  | Frequency: Three times a year
1 to 10 (of 11 results found)