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Inspection Copy Service

Inspection Copies are available where you see this icon

SAGE's Inspection Copy Service allows lecturers to thoroughly review our textbooks before deciding whether to adopt them for use on courses.
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Add and read comments from other lecturers on our new online peer review system

Once you’ve had a chance to review a textbook you can now (if you requested an inspection copy of it via your SAGE online account) add your comments about it so they can be read by other visitors to the textbook’s homepage.

Inspection Copies are available where you see this icon Inspection copies are available wherever you see this icon

Our representatives are available to discuss your requirements and recommend suitable texts for your courses. Contact details of worldwide representatives and agents.

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Improve student learning outcomes with digital solutions from SAGE


With technological advances and changing student expectations, the digital academic market for learning materials is fast expanding and evolving, presenting opportunities to revolutionize the learning experience for your students. If you are considering the purchase of digital textbooks from SAGE as part of a ‘value added’ strategy for attracting new students to your institution, please contact your local SAGE representative now.

Why should your department or institution invest in a digital solution from SAGE?

  1. Added value for prospective students: assure parents and students that they are receiving great value for money for their tuition fees and a higher guarantee of success after graduation
  2. Greater access and convenience for students: level the playing field by giving your students around-the-clock access to course materials
  3. More effective interaction with your students: enhance their experience and safeguard your institution’s reputation as we look to an increasingly digital future
  4. Prestige and recognition of innovation and student support at your department: The University of Plymouth was recently awarded the Guardian ‘Teaching for Excellence Award’ for the digital solution initiated for its first and second year psychology students.
  5. Unrivalled range and quality of SAGE content: from introductory textbooks and study guides to articles from world-class journals and high-level online academic and reference works, SAGE is proud to bring you contributions from some of the finest minds in academia all of which can be tailored to your course or institutional needs. Browse by ‘product type’ by clicking on the links above or ‘by subject’ in the left hand menu to get a taste of what SAGE can offer.

If your institution is not yet ready to purchase digital textbooks for its students you can still draw on SAGE’s vast list of books and journals across the social sciences to create a custom book for students to buy specifically suited to your course needs. See below or contact your local SAGE representative for details.

Custom Publishing Service - Create Your Own Textbook!

  Create Your Own Textbook!

You can now draw on SAGE’s vast backlist of books and journals across the social sciences to create a custom book specifically suited to your students’ needs.

You can choose from across our publishing range, including: journal articles from SAGE-owned journals, textbooks, reference works (where copyright lies with SAGE) and academic supplementary texts and monographs.

For more information on this service please contact your nearest sales representative who will be happy to work with you to help you devise your own text and answer any questions you may have.

Free Chapter Samples & Journal Issues

  'Supplements' indicates that additional materials are available to download.

Sample Chapters

Download sample chapters of books in your subject. You'll find chapter samples linked from book product pages, available to download as PDF files.

Sample Journal Issues

Search SAGE Journals Online for abstracts and articles in your field of study. If you are not already subscribed through your institution, you can access free journal articles from a back issue of each title.
Search for free journal issues

Companion Websites

  Companion Websites Many of our textbooks are supported by companion websites, offering extra resources to students and lecturers alike - from additional study notes, content and links to ideas for essay topics and practical assignments. Wherever you see the companion web site icon (pictured left) you can access further study resources. View titles with companion websites.

First Lecture Slides

  First Lecture Slides

Students are more likely to use a textbook if they are referred to it by their lecturer at the start of their course. To assist with this, SAGE has created ‘first lecture’ slides for major texts from the current season which you can incorporate into your opening lecture of the new term. View titles with first lecture slides.