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European Journal of Political Theory

University of Birmingham , UK

The European Journal of Political Theory (EJPT) provides a high profile research forum for political theory. Broad in scope and international in readership, EJPT publishes articles in political philosophy, political theory and the history of ideas. All articles are subject to peer-review by internationally renowned scholars in order to ensure the highest quality.

Although the EJPT is located in Europe and publishes articles on debates emerging from the development of national traditions of European scholarship, contributions to political theory in the widest possible sense are welcomed. We encourage contributions in analytical and normative political philosophy, modern and contemporary political theory, and the history of political thought and ideas.

"The European Journal of Political Theory has established itself as an excellent journal in a remarkably short time." Stephen K White

"For five years The European Journal of Political Theory has offered readers fresh insights into and new perspectives on political-theoretical issues. As an American reader I am always especially eager to learn what my European colleagues are thinking and arguing about. May the EJPT flourish for many years to come." Terence Ball

"European political theory requires a forum through which to advance its special concerns and the EJPT fills this significant gap. The great attraction of the EJPT lies in its focus on Europe as an intellectual community and in the dialogue it will promote between continental and Anglophone scholars" Michael Freeden

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Frequency: Quarterly eISSN: 1741-2730 ISSN: 1474-8851
Months of Distribution: January , April , July , October Current Volume: 12 Current Issue: 2
Other Titles in: Political Theory & Thought  |  European Politics

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