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European Journal of International Relations

University of Sussex, UK
University of Sussex, UK
University of Sussex, UK
University of Sussex, UK
Managing Editor:
University of Sussex, UK
2013 Impact Factor: 1.500
2013 Ranking: 11/83 in International Relations
Source: 2013 Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2014)

European Journal of International Relations  (EJIR) is the journal of the Standing Group on International Relations (SGIR) of the European Consortium for Political Research. The Journal's remit is to represent the wide range of interests encompassed by the Standing Group, covering the whole of International Relations. Building on its European base, the peer-reviewed content of the journal has evolved during its first decade to reflect global subjects and cutting edge theory debates that address and reflect the whole of the International Relations community wherever located.

EJIR has become a major independent voice in the worldwide scholarly debates about international relations. The Journal represents no particular school or approach, nor is it restricted to any particular methodology. Instead, it seeks to foster an awareness of methodological and epistemological questions in the study of International Relations, and to reflect research and developments of a conceptual, normative and empirical nature in all the major sub-areas of the field. The Journal also seeks to strengthen ties with cognate areas in social science and beyond, in particular with international history, international law and international economics. Its purpose is to stimulate and disseminate theory-aware research and scholarship in International Relations throughout the international academic community.

"The best journal for staying abreast of international relations scholarship around the world. An antidote for parochialism of all kinds - geographic, methodological, theoretical, and ideological." David A Baldwin

"EJIR has become an indispensable voice in the intense disciplinary debates about the theory and praxis of international politics, commendably shedding light rather than merely generating heat on the subject of humanity's collective future." John Ruggie

"With a caveat for extra delivery charges, EJIR would be the one IR journal to subscribe to on that proverbial desert island. No other journal in the field simultaneously keeps you in the know about mainstream scholarship of the highest quality and about innovative work that challenges that same mainstream." Ole Wæver

"With its first rate articles on such subjects as sovereignty, human rights, peace and community, EJIR has demonstrated to the rest of the world that the power of ideas is separate from the power of power. EJIR has given food for thought to those aspiring to develop a journal whereby genuinely open and thoughtful debates be conducted on a solid academic foundation." Takashi Inoguchi

"The EJIR is leading the way in opening up new conceptual territory in the study of international politics." Jack L Snyder

"The EJIR has established itself as one of the premier journals in the field. Its articles are always scholarly, well researched and written and usually at the cutting edge of leading debates in various fields of IR. It is one of those few journals that you can now not afford to be without." Nicholas Rengger

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Frequency: Quarterly eISSN: 1460-3713 ISSN: 1354-0661
Months of Distribution: March , June , September , December Current Volume: 20 Current Issue: 3
Other Titles in: International Relations

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