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Theory and Research in Education

University of Rochester, New York, USA
Acting Editor-in-Chief (Volume 11):
Vrije University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Managing Editor:
Educational Research Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Educational Research Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Associate Editors:
James G. Dwyer College of William & Mary, USA
Adam Nelson University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Emily Robertson Syracuse University, USA
Elaine Unterhalter Institute of Education, UK
Book Review Editor:
Paula Mcavoy The Spencer Foundation, USA
Founding Editor:
Marjan Setinc The Slovene Society of Researchers in the School Field, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Reviews Editor:
Dianne Gereluk University of Calgary, Canada
Editorial Board:
Andreja Barle-Lakota Board of Education, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Sigal Ben-Porath University of Pennsylvania, USA
Jason Blokhuis Renison University College
Lawrence Blum University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA
Harry Brighouse University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Eamonn Callan Stanford University, USA
David Carr University of Edinburgh
Doret DeRuyter Vrije University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Catherine Z Elgin Harvard University, USA
Penny Enslin University of Glasgow, UK
Ansley Erickson Teachers College, Columbia University
Sonia Exley London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
Walter Feinberg University of Illinois, Champaign, USA
Robert K Fullinwider University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Robert E Goodin Australian National University
Amy Gutmann University of Pennsylvania, USA
Michael Hand Institute of Education, UK
Zdenko Kodelja Educational Research Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Will Kymlicka Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
Meira Levinson Harvard Graduate School of Education, USA
Rob Reich Stanford University, USA
Amelie Rorty Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
Richard M. Ryan University of Rochester, USA
Debra Satz Stanford University, USA
Francis Schrag University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Harvey Siegel University of Miami, USA
Slavko Gaber University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Darko Strajn Educational Research Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Adam Swift University of Oxford, UK
John Wills University of California, Riverside, USA
Thomas E Wren Loyola University, Chicago, USA
Pavel Zgaga University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Frequency: Three times a year eISSN: 1741-3192 ISSN: 1477-8785
Months of Distribution: March , July , October Current Volume: 12 Current Issue: 3
Other Titles in: Philosophy  |  Education Studies  |  Social / Philosophical Foundations

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