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Perspectives on Psychological Science

University of Virginia School of Law

An official journal of the Association for Psychological Science

Associate Editors:
David A. Sbarra University of Arizona
Bethany A. Teachman University of Virginia
Special Associate Editors:
Alex O. Holcombe University of Sydney
Åse H. Innes-Ker Lund University
Alison Ledgerwood University of California, Davis
Kristina R. Olson University of Washington
Daniel J. Simons University of Illinois
Uri Simonsohn University of Pennsylvania
Simine Vazire University of California, Davis, USA
Senior Managing Editor:
Torrance Gloss Association for Psychological Science
Advisory Editors:
John T. Cacioppo University of Chicago
Robert W. Levenson University of California, Berkeley
Elizabeth F. Loftus University of California, Irvine
Walter Mischel Columbia University
Consulting Editors:
Terry Kit-Fong Au University of Hong Kong
Arina K. Bones University of Darache
Brad J. Bushman Ohio State University
Mandeep K. Dhami Middlesex University
Phoebe C. Ellsworth University of Michigan, USA (appraisal theory; law; culture; social psychology)
Arthur M. Glenberg Arizona State University
Sam Glucksberg Princeton University
Richard Gonzalez University of Michigan, USA
Anthony G. Greenwald University of Washington
J. Kiley Hamlin University of British Columbia
Ran Hassin Hebrew University Jerusalem
Reid Hastie University of Chicago
Nancy Kanwisher Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Robert Kurzban University of Pennsylvania
Elizabeth J. Marsh Duke University
Mara Mather University of Southern California
Ewan McNay University of Albany, SUNY
Candice L. Odgers Duke University
Daniel M. Oppenheimer University of California, Los Angeles
Frank Schmidt University of Iowa
Simone Schnall University of Cambridge
Barry Schwartz Swarthmore College
John J. Skowronski Northern Illinois University
Jeanine Stefanucci University of Utah
Teresa A. Treat University of Iowa
Kathleen D. Vohs University of Minnesota

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