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Currents in Biblical Research

Senior Editor:
Appalachian State University, USA
Boston University, USA
North Park University, USA
Associate Editor for New Testament:
St Mary's Seminary and University, USA
Associate Editor for Ancient Judaism:
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Assistant Editor:
Appalachian State University, USA
Associate Editor for Old Testament:
Point Loma Nazarene University, USA

"Currents in Biblical Research has handsomely fulfilled the vision we had for it when it was launched in 1993. It has become the most indispensable guide to recent biblical research. Its articles are always authoritative, its range is remarkable, and its bibliographies are carefully chosen. No library should be without it." David J. A. Clines, Emeritus Professor of Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield, UK

"Currents in Biblical Research is one of the most important research tools in biblical studies. No one is able to keep up with all of the publications in the different branches of biblical studies. The thorough and judicious articles in Currents provide invaluable orientation to the major elements of recent scholarly conversation. Whenever I need to catch up on developments in a particular area of biblical studies, I turn to Currents. I also strongly recommend it to my graduate students." Carol A. Newsom, Candler School of Theology, Emory University, USA

This journal summarizes the spectrum of recent research on particular topics or biblical books. Each article provides an inclusive treatment of its subject, without in most cases being exhaustive. Articles cover specific biblical books or clusters of books, ancillary ancient literature, archaeology, historical studies, as well as new and developing areas of study. Jonathan Klawans was recently named a third editor of Currents in Biblical Research in the new area of ancient Judaism. Each article concludes with an extensive bibliography that provides a basic knowledge of significant articles and books on the topic being treated, and provides sufficient information to launch a thorough investigation of the topic.

Currents in Biblical Research is indispensable not only for those entering upon a career in biblical studies, but also for all scholars who wish to keep abreast of developments in fields adjacent to their own.

Note: Students may subscribe to CBR at 25% discount, submitting with their subscription the name and address of their institution.

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Frequency: Three times a year eISSN: 1745-5200 ISSN: 1476-993X
Months of Distribution: February , June , October Current Volume: 13 Current Issue: 2
Other Titles in: Religion, Theology and Biblical Studies  |  Biblical Studies

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