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The Critical Journal of Organization, Theory and Society

Editors in Chief:
Radboud University, The Netherlands
Massey University, New Zealand
2013 Impact Factor: 2.354
2013 Ranking: 36/173 in Management
Source: 2013 Journal Citation Reports ® (Thomson Reuters, 2014)

What is a critical journal ? - by Martin Parker and Robyn Thomas July 2011

What makes a highly cited Organization paper?

Click Here to read a interview with David L. Collinson, author of the much acclaimed, and highly cited article Identities and insecurities: Selves at work

Organization is the major forum for dialogue and innovation in organization studies, addressing significant current and emergent theoretical, meta theoretical and substantive developments in the field.

This is a time of unprecedented debate and diversity in organization studies, when intellectual reassessments go alongside a plurality of organizational forms and practices in a globalizing world. The central task for students of organization is to construct those analytical narratives and ethical discourses appropriate to the radically changing structural, theoretical and ideological realities we now face. Organization seeks to address this important task.

We welcome standard academic papers of up to 10 thousand words, as well as 'Speaking Out' pieces written to challenge contemporary orthodoxies, and 'Connexions' essays that tie together contemporary social problems and the study of organizing. We will also publish replies to any of our published articles. See the 'Manuscript Submission' page for more details.

"For nearly two decades, Organization has been at the forefront of the effort to bring fresh ideas into organizational research. The journal is now the leading outlet for irreverent thinking that challenges the status quo in both management research and management practice" Paul Adler

"If one could enviSAGE an ideal trans-atlantic journal, Organization is it. Bridging Europe and America, it invites organization theorists from all the world. Located beyond paradigm wars and local feuds, the journal offers a vista of most recent topics and most original approaches to studies of organization. The articles published in Organization combine interesting theory building with a genuine concern about the practice of organizing" Barbara Czarniawska

"Organization has led the way in refreshing a field that had become inward-looking and short on challenging contributions. By welcoming critical explorations of demanding topics, Organization has dramatically expanded the framing of the field in directions that are as unsettling as they are non-trivial" Hugh Willmott

"Organization is an important outlet for new perspectives and ideas on organizations and organizing. It has played a significant role in altering the course of organization studies and related disciplines in the past, and I am certain will continue to do so for the foreseeable future" Mary Jo Hatch

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Frequency: Published 6 times a year eISSN: 1461-7323 ISSN: 1350-5084
Months of Distribution: January , March , May , July , September , November Current Volume: 22 Current Issue: 1
Other Titles in: Business & Management  |  Organization Studies  |  Organizational Behaviour

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