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Three-Volume Set
Chris Hackley Royal Holloway, University of London
© 2010   1312 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
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Hardcover ISBN: 9781412934299 £450.00
Other Titles in: Marketing  |  Social Marketing  |  Advertising & Promotion
The study of advertising is a heated and expansive forum, with research diverging along methodological, semantic and often political lines. This eclectic, extensive and inclusive collection draws together the diverse literature with a view to organising and making sense of the state of play of advertising research, with papers drawn not only from the major international advertising journals, but also widely across the social sciences.

Accommodating statistical, behavioural and interpretive perspectives, this three-volume set is organized into three broad categories. Volume One looks at advertising management, including creativity, agencyient relations, campaign planning and effectiveness, media planning and brand communications. Volume Two looks at the cultural influence of advertising, including its ideological character, theoretical influences, and cross-cultural aspects. Volume Three looks at advertising science: the experimental and survey data-gathering methods involved in measuring advertising effectiveness.

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