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Care Matters

Concepts, Practice and Research in Health and Social Care

Ann Brechin The Open University
Jan Walmsley The Open University
Jeanne Samson Katz The Open University
Sheila M Peace The Open University
© 1999   205 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
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Paperback ISBN: 9780761955665 £29.99
Other Titles in: Social Work Practice  |  Nursing  |  Social Policy
How can we make sense of the varying concepts of care and of the many forms care takes in practice? How can `good' care be defined and evaluated?

This book draws upon a range of academic disciplines including sociology, social policy, psychology, history, geography, social work and nursing to address these questions. The authors consider whether shared meanings in the concept of care can still be found across differences of: family and paid care; health and social care; perspectives `carer' and `cared for'; and the experiences of different `client' groups. Commonalities are identified in the form of concerns about personal empowerment, about choice and self-esteem and about the balance needed between independence, interdependence and dependency. What also emerges is the relevance of such issues for those giving as well as receiving care.

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