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The Violences of Men

How Men Talk About and How Agencies Respond to Men's Violence to Women

Jeff Hearn Örebro University University, Sweden; Hanken School of Economics, Finland
© 1998   272 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
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Paperback ISBN: 9780803979406 £37.99
Hardcover ISBN: 9780803979390 £111.00
Ebook ISBN: 9781849206709
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Addressing the problem of men's violence to known women, this book considers the scale of, and critically reviews the theoretical frameworks used to explain this violence.

From the perspective of `critical studies on men', Jeff Hearn discusses issues, challenges and possible research methods for those researching violence. He draws on extensive research to analyze the various ways in which men describe, deny, justify and excuse their violence, and considers the complex interaction between doing violence and talking about violence. The book concludes with a summary of the key issues for theory, politics, policy and practice.

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