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Understanding Celebrity

Second Edition
Graeme Turner University of Queensland
© 2013   184 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
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Paperback ISBN: 9781446253212 £25.99
Hardcover ISBN: 9781446253205 £79.00
Ebook ISBN: 9781446294819

This revised and extended edition of Understanding Celebrity is an outstanding achievement. The book draws upon new transformations in celebrity - such as the deployment of the social media to create complex spaces of identification and agency - to assess its impact on all aspects of contemporary life. Graeme Turner writes with power and persuasion, and brilliantly explores what it is about celebrity today that should concern us all.

Sean Redmond

Deakin University, Australia

Along with Barron's Celebrity Culture SAGE is setting the benchmark for titles that explore the increasing important and prevalent relationship between celebrities and social life. Turner's book questions what celebrity is and how it has come to be so important in the twenty-first century before exploring how celebrity society is produced and consumed. It offers an excellent theoretical introduction of celebrity culture and is recommended for anybody looking to explore the relationship between celebrity and contemporary social life.

Mr Michael Rees

Business and Social Science, University of Wales

Feb 18 2015

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The domain of 'celebrity' rears its pervasive head in a range of subjects and topic-areas. I was drawn to this book as a supplementary offering for students of business and management that are interested in the use of 'celebrities' in marketing, branding and whole host of aspects of business and management. It is proving an insightful and accessible account in such instances.

Dr Peter Watt

Business Management, York St John University

Jan 25 2015

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Excellent reference for students researching topic and understanding relevant theoretical paradigms

Ms Elizabeth Cotterell


Dec 10 2014

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Likely to be of interest to our final year students studying celebrity.

Dr Lynne Hibberd

Cultural Studies and Humanities, Leeds Metropolitan University

Feb 07 2014

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The second edition of Turner's book is an essential for all those engaged in the filed of (celebrity) endorsers. The book addresses to practitioners as well as researchers and theorists.

Dr Carsten Moeller

Institute of Communication and Media Research, DSH - German Sport University

Jan 31 2014

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This is an interesting and well-focused text around the celebrity culture. It should provide students with a good complementary resource.

Gary Morris

School of Healthcare, Leeds University

Dec 13 2013

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An extremely valuable new edition of this seminal text.

Professor Julian Petley

School of Arts, Brunel University

Dec 01 2013

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