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Researching Social Gerontology

Four-Volume Set
Malcolm P Cutchin Wayne State University
Candace L Kemp Georgia State University
Victor W Marshall University of North Carolina, USA
© 2013   1816 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
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Hardcover ISBN: 9781446249765 £625.00
Other Titles in: Gerontology  |  Research Methods
Through a careful selection of key articles published over the past few decades, this major work addresses how social gerontologists research ageing. Social gerontology draws upon a wide base of disciplines such as sociology, geography, anthropology, psychology and more. The complexity of ageing from a social gerontology perspective demands a broad range of methodological approaches. Thus, the overarching theme of this collection is methodological-exemplifying the different ways of conducting investigations about the most important issues in ageing studies.

Under the expert guidance of a team of respected editors, this four-volume set brings together key contributions to the social scientific study of the ageing process and the places, relationships, and institutions that shape that process. Broken down into thematic chapters, it offers works that take on the most significant challenges of research about ageing.

Volume 1: Ageing and Places

Volume 2: Social Relationships and Ageing

Volume 3: Social Institutions, the Life Course, and Ageing

Volume 4: Cross-cutting Epistemological Issues