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Governing States and Localities

Fourth Edition
Kevin B. Smith University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Alan Greenblatt

Expert Blend of the Latest Scholarship with Engaging Journalistic Writing

© 2014   632 pages   CQ Press   
Inspection Copy
Individual Purchasers
Paperback ISBN: 9781452226330 £72.00

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, states and localities were forced to make stark choices over funding and public services as they battled to balance their budgets. While the worst of the economic hardships have passed, federal stimulus money has run dry and federal–state relations are more contentious than ever. So what’s next?

Smith and Greenblatt chart the future for states and localities as they deal with new federal regulations, a decrease in public sector employment, the consolidation of agencies, and the weakening of labor unions’ political clout. The fourth edition of Governing States and Localities continues what has always set this introductory text apart: its expert blend of the latest scholarship with engaging journalistic writing. Along with their crisp storytelling, the authors employ a comparative approach to explain how and why states and localities are both similar and different in institutional structure, culture, history, economy, geography, and demographics.

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