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SAGE Brief Guide to Business Ethics

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© 2012   408 pages   SAGE Publications, Inc   
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Paperback ISBN: 9781412997218 £24.99
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Designed for courses in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, corporate strategy, and organizational behaviour, this text will also be an indispensible companion text for business students to use throughout their full programme of study. This text provides objective coverage of key issues in corporate social responsibility, the obligation of companies to various stakeholder groups, the contribution of business to society and culture, and the relationship between organizations and the quality of the environment.

Business Ethics in Brief is divided into eight sections which contain important keywords that relate to those sections: Ethics and the Individual; Theories of Ethics; Understanding Global Ethics; Ethics of Management and Business; Employee and Human Resources Issues; Consumer Issues; Ethics of Advertising, Marketing, and PR; and Environmental Issues in Ethics.

Key features of the text include the following:

- Keyword entries featuring comprehensive essays on such crucial topics as strategic corporate social responsibility, consumer rights, and ethical decision making

- A listing of suggested readings for each entry, so that readers can find more information on topics of particular interest.

- Three appendices: An appendix of “problematic practices” that highlights key corporations and industries and the ethical issues they faced; an appendix with key ethics institutes and organizations; and an appendix listing key business ethics periodicals

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