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Managing and Organizations

An Introduction to Theory and Practice Third Edition

Stewart R Clegg University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Martin Kornberger Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Tyrone Pitsis The University of Leeds, UK; The University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
© 2012   712 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
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Paperback ISBN: 9780857020413 £43.99
Hardcover ISBN: 9780857020406 £101.00
Ebook ISBN: 9781446253397
Paperback & eBook ISBN: 9781446252741 £48.99
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Praise for the Second Edition:

In the last 6 months or so I have discovered the text-book Managing & Organisations, and I have been completely amazed by it! This book has been acting as my 'go-to' guide, my conceptual map, my point of reference, and my starting point on an uncountable number of areas. It is of course understood that most textbooks are incapable of providing depth of knowledge, particularly when considering the amount needed to satisfy Ph.D. criteria. However, this text is an exception. But the greatest remark I can make of it is that it is such fun to read. I have actually found myself immersed in topics that otherwise are of no concern to my current research
James Cunningham
PhD Candidate, Queen Margaret University

This is a good book for a basic master-level course on management and I will likely use it is a core text in the next run of the course.

Ms Elke Schuessler

Department of Management, Free University of Berlin

Mar 26 2015

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not appropriate

Professor Andrea Prencipe

Business & Management, Luiss Guido Carli University

Mar 17 2015

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This was a very good book to use. Both students and lecturer found it easy to read and filled with good examples

Mrs Tawa Edwards

Year 0, Greenwich School of Management

Mar 13 2015

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Covers relevant areas of the module. Good clear approach with very useful examples.

Dr Sarah Gregory

Lancaster University Management School, Lancaster University

Jan 13 2015

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A very accessible volume and students are enjoying the additional support to learning/comprehension throughout the book. Hoping to use the PPT slides once I get access to the resources!

Dr Marianne Highwood

Business and Management, Bromley College of FE & HE

Sep 26 2014

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A refreshing approach to such broad topics that avoids the conventional approach and leaves the reader wanting more.

Mr Matt Kirby

Performance, University College Falmouth

Apr 22 2014

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An excellent text that provides post-graduate students with a comprehensive treatment of an increasingly important and complex subject.

Mr John Lamont

Dept. of Business & Management, Dublin Business School

Apr 04 2014

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This book is fantastic to run along side the Unit as essential reading. The case studies in chapters 8 and 9 specifically will be used in the class of "Managing Communications, Knowledge and Information". This is one of the most complete books that I have ever read in terms of Business HNDs and is one that I will be championing to students to accompany a number of the units.

Mr Daniel Russell

Business Management, Organisational Learning Centre

Mar 18 2014

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That is very well written book for students. My course is "Introduction to Management" and feedback about that book has been mainly positive. All my do not want to read English textbook, but I have tried to convince them that this book is excellent and they should try to read English.

Mr Esa Hiltunen

Department of Business & Management, University of Kuopio

Feb 24 2014

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This is a truly fantastic text! It is both an academic work of the highest quality and also an intoxicating series of stories of contemporary management and organizational change best practice. It continually questions our understanding of organizational theory and practice, but does so in many supportive and formative ways. It allows us to shape our thinking and helps prepare us for further scholarship and/or management practice. An essential book for any middle leader aspiring to greatness! Dr Peter Treadwell

Dr Peter Treadwell

Centre for Work Based Learning, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Dec 10 2013

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Good basics for students - good case studies and independent learning elements.

Mrs Katy Roberts

Faculty of Business & law, London Metropolitan Uni (City Campus)

Dec 04 2013

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Good for some subjects covered

Mr Geoff Courts

Brighton Business School, Brighton University

Nov 11 2013

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I think this book is perfect for graduate students, but still one of the best as reference books for my undergraduate students.

Dr Erkan Erdemir

Management , Istanbul Sehir University

Sep 11 2013

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This is a great book for the management course I am delivering. It provides good up to date knowledge which I am already using in my delivery sessions. It is very informative and great for dipping in to the topics that I need.

Mrs Pamela Borthwick

Adult Skills, North Lindsey College

Jul 31 2013

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I am recommending this book for my students as it povides invaluable information. A fabulous introductory text for the field of managing and organisations.

Miss Nicola McDonagh

Adult Skills, North Lindsey College

Jul 04 2013

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A super book which provides a critical perspective on key elements of management in contemporary organisations. Critical and engaging for students.

Mrs Claire Hoy

Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University

May 08 2013

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This book has both depth and accessibility and therefore provides a great resource for students. Of particular use are the up-to-date case studies and contemporary world linkages, i.e. mirroring many of the theories in popular culture, etc. The only reason we have decided not to adopt this book as essential reading is the price.

Mr James Cunningham

Please select your department, Please select your institution

Mar 26 2013

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The book form the backbone of the EBHM16 Managing People module at Swansea University Business School. It is the only required reading for the module. The book offers a good balance between mainstream and critical perspectives on management. I hope the Companion Website, a valuable resource, will be updated soon to match the new edition of the book.

Dr Pasi Ahonen

School of Business & Economics, Swansea University

Mar 18 2013

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Good book. Noticeable value because of the sensemaking and constructivist approach.

Dr Hans Müller

Information Science, University of Stellenbosch

Mar 13 2013

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A well written book! Extremely informative and covers the core area of organizational management

Mr Amer Shehzad

Lancashire Business School, University of Central Lancashire

Feb 26 2013

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A helpful Introduction in the large field of Management

Professor burkhard von velsen

Institute of Management, Magdeburg University of Applied Sci's

Feb 20 2013

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This text has almost all that I need for my module and several chapters that duplicate other parts of the programme which is why it is not essential reading this time. I like the additional resources for the students and the range of international cases. As a new module it is difficult to know what will work but it will provide students a useful resource on other areas beyond the immediate programme.

Dr Ann Parkinson

Henley Business School, Reading University

Feb 08 2013

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Not quite the level I needed for my course.

Mr Roberto Cordon

International Management, Franklin College

Dec 14 2012

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The one and only textbook.

Dr Ai Yu

Dept of Strategy & Human Resource, Bedfordshire University

Dec 11 2012

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An essential text book for organizational evolution of forms, processes and structures of the past and present. A required reading for organizational behaviour students.

Dr May Seitanidi

Business School, Hull University

Nov 07 2012

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Clegg has an engaging style so we recommend this text as part of our reading list.

Dr David Biggs

School of Health & Social Sciences, Gloucestershire University

Nov 06 2012

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A fantastic textbook, I have made this one of the core texts for my course. Clearly structured and engaging, the text offers impressive grounding for students of all interests, signposting to further reading as appropriate.

Ms Victoria Pagan

Business School, Newcastle University

Oct 26 2012

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Wonderfully written; pleased to recommend.

Dr Mark Mobach

School of Facility Management, Hanze University

Oct 18 2012

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This book adds another dimension to our students' learning. Although it is critical in style, it is not intimidating! Some students love the challenge and have engaged with it while others find it difficult. We shall continue to recommend the text to suit all levels of learning abilities and goals.

Ms Yoke Eng Tan

The Business School, Canterbury Christ Church University

Oct 06 2012

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Excellent introductory text for students of organization theory and strategic management. In its breadth and verbosity sometimes overwhelming for an undergraduate course, but individual chapters highly suitable in combination with other texts.

Mr Felix Seyfarth

KWA - Leitung Handlungskompetenz, University of St. Gallen

Sep 27 2012

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I have adopted this book but really want to buy it as an ebook for students' use via our library - is this available?

Dr Pauline Loewenberger

other, University of Bedfordshire

Sep 26 2012

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Very good text, covering a wide range of contemporary issues facing businesses

Dr Kristel Miller

Queen's Management School, Queen's University Belfast

Sep 23 2012

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Managing and Organizitons provides a fresh approach to the topic. Whereas most textbooks rely on a combination of rational models and prescriptions and echo management speak, this textbook examines the same topics from a more social science perspective. The approach emphasizes sense making and processes. It thus pushes students to think beyond their common sense and A-level syllabus, making it an excellent text for UG university teaching.

Dr Libby Schweber

School of Construction Mgmt & Eng'g, Reading University

Sep 05 2012

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A good combination of theory and practice.

Ms Michelle Mclaughlin

Department of Business & Finance, Croydon College

Aug 17 2012

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Good satelite text WE tend not to recommend one book for this module, depending on the students' negotited focus within the Man of Change module

Mr Stephen Griffiths

Swansea Business School, Swansea Metropolitan University

Jun 27 2012

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Wonderful book, with lot of alternative routes for the student to explore for her/himself.

Mrs Mia Forss

Management , Arcada Polytechnic

May 23 2012

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Wonderful book, with lot of alternative routes for the student to explore for her/himself.

Mrs Mia Forss

Please select your department, Please select your institution

May 23 2012

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Excellent overview for those looking to go beyond the traditional management textbooks

Mrs Carrie Foster

Business School, Chester University

May 21 2012

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Excellent textbook for students new to the study of organisations.

Mr Jim Gritton

Please select your department, Please select your institution

May 15 2012

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I found the information very relevant to the course I am delivering . The information was comprehensive and provides a sound foundation for higher learning in Busisness Admin and Management

Mr Vernon Ambris

care , paragon skills for industry

May 02 2012

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A great all round text for practice based undergraduate students studying management and leadership within an organizational context.

Miss Sarah McMullen

Please select your department, Please select your institution

Apr 30 2012

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Superbly comprehensive and sophisticated textbook. Would also work for graduate level I believe.

Mr Richard Cotter

Management , National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Apr 25 2012

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This book includes some interesting points leadership and management. It is well presented and easy to read.

Ms Wilma Garvin

Royal Docks Business School, University of East London

Apr 25 2012

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Thorough, up-to-date and contemporary coverage of all major management and related organisational topics, presented in a lively way.

Mr Geoffrey Wolfson

Health Development, University of Greenwich

Apr 18 2012

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I like the fresh, contemporary style of this book. It blends many apsects of managing and organisational behaviour to reflect the tensions between different perspecitives. The text supports critical thinking rather than proposing a desired approach. Excellent web based materials.

Dr John Struthers

Nursing , DHSS Education and training Centre

Mar 28 2012

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This is a very well organised book on human resources and organizational theories. Good starting point for developing research questions. It would be useful to work placement students as well.

Dr Emel Aktas

Please select your department, Please select your institution

Mar 21 2012

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Some chapters are useful for the course (such as Chapters 6, 7, 10, 11 and 15). However, the focus of the book does not entirely suit the course syllabus. Nonetheless, an extract from the chapter 11 is recommended for student reading.

Dr Natalia Yakovleva

Winchester Business School, Winchester University

Mar 12 2012

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A fantastic text at Masters level that concisely combines theory and practice in its consideration of the essential aspects of organisations and their management- I expect students to be refering to it for many years after their studies have finished.

Mr robin miller

Health Services Management Centre, Birmingham University

Mar 08 2012

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An excellent book with clear break-out boxes containing supplementary information and well chosen case studies. However, not international enough to be adopted as essential reading.

Dr Michael Wynn-Williams

International Business and Economics, Greenwich University

Mar 06 2012

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Ideal textbook for several modules, both undergraduate and postgraduate An extremely useful book

Dr Mark Low

Business School, Staffordshire University

Feb 20 2012

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One of the few Management and Organizational Behavior textbooks that offers both basic concepts and critical approaches to management studies. It is probably better suited to a graduate-level course, but it has been working quite well with my undergraduates.

Dr Robert Earhart

Dept of International Business Adminis, American University of Paris

Feb 19 2012

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I recommend Clegg/Kornberger/Pitsis as a link between my courses about media management and the general theory of management and organisations.

Dr Manfred Kops

Please select your department, Please select your institution

Feb 06 2012

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Like the focus on people, process and structrues. Good overall book that relates to many aspects of the course

Dr sarah Ayres

School for Policy Studies, Bristol University

Jan 31 2012

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