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Global Shift

Mapping the Changing Contours of the World Economy Sixth Edition

Peter Dicken University of Manchester
© 2011   632 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
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Paperback ISBN: 9781849207676 £41.99
Hardcover ISBN: 9781849207669 £106.00
Ebook ISBN: 9780857023438
Paperback & eBook ISBN: 9780857028006 £44.99
Introduction: Questioning Globalization
What in the World Is Going on?
Conflicting Perspectives on 'Globalization'
Grounding 'Globalization': Geography Really Does Matter
Global Shift: Changing Geographies of the Global Economy
What's New? The Imprint of Past Geographies
Roller-Coasters and Interconnections
The Changing Contours of the Global Economic Map: Global Shifts in Production, Trade and FDI
The Dynamic Global Economic Map
Tangled Webs: Unravelling Complexity in the Global Economy
An Analytical Point of Entry
Institutional Macrostructures of the Global Economy
Global Production Networks
Even in a Globalizing World, Economic Activities Are Geographically Localized
Networks of Networks
Technological Change: 'Gales of Creative Destruction'
Technology and Economic Transformation
Processes of Technological Change: An Evolutionary Perspective
Time-Space Shrinking Technologies
Technological Innovations in Products and Processes
Geographies of Innovation
Transnational Corporations: The Primary 'Movers and Shapers' of the Global Economy
Why Firms Transnationalize
How Firms Transnationalize
TNCs as 'Networks within Networks'
Configuring the TNCs' Internal Networks
TNCs within Networks of Externalized Relationships
Perpetual Change: Reshaping TNCs' Internal and External Networks
The Myth of the 'Global' Corporation
The State Really Does Matter
'The State Is Dead' - Oh No It Isn't!
States as Containers
States as Regulators
States as Competitors
States as Collaborators
The Uneasy Relationship between TNCs and States: Dynamics of Conflict and Collaboration
The Ties That Bind
Bargaining Processes between TNCs and States
'Making Holes in the Ground': The Extractive Industries
Beginning at the Beginning
Production Circuits in the Extractive Industries
Global Shifts in the Extractive Industries
Volatile Demand
Technologies of Exploring, Extracting, Refining, Distributing
The Centrality of State Involvement in the Extractive Industries
Corporate Strategies in the Extractive Industries
Resources, Reserves and Futures
'We Are What We Eat': The Agro-Food Industries
Transformation of the Food Economy: The 'Local' Becomes 'Global'
Agro-Food Production Circuits
Global Shifts in the Agro-Food Industries
Consumer Choices - and Consumer Resistances
Transforming Technologies in Agro-Food Production
The Role of the State
Corporate Strategies in the Agro-Food Industries
'Fabric-ating Fashion': The Clothing Industries
Changing Rules
The Clothing Production Circuit
Global Shifts in the Clothing Industries
Changing Patterns of Consumption
Production Costs and Technology
The Role of the State and the Multi-Fibre Arrangement
Corporate Strategies in the Clothing Industries
Regionalizing Production Networks in the Clothing Industries
'Wheels of Change': The Automobile Industry
All Change?
The Automobile Production Circuit
Global Shifts in Automobile Production and Trade
Changing Patterns of Consumption
Technological Change in the Automobile Industry
The Role of the State
Corporate Strategies in the Automobile Industry
Regionalizing Production Networks in the Automobile Industry
'Making the World Go Round': Advanced Business Services - Especially Finance
The Centrality of Advanced Business Services
The Structure of Advanced Business Services
Dynamics of the Markets for Advanced Business Services
Technological Innovation and Advanced Business Services
The Role of the State: Regulation, De-Regulation, Re-Regulation
Corporate Strategies in Advanced Business Services
Geographies of Advanced Business Services
'Making the Connections, Moving the Goods': Logistics and Distribution Services
Taking Distribution for Granted
The Structure of Logistics and Distribution Services
The Dynamics of the Market for Logistics Services
Technological Innovation and Logistics and Distribution Services
The Role of the State: Regulation and Deregulation of Logistics and Distribution Services
Corporate Strategies in Logistics and Distribution Services
Logistics 'Places': Key Geographical Nodes on the Global Logistics Map
'Capturing Value' within Global Production Networks
Placing Places in GPNs
Creating, Enhancing and Capturing Value in GPNs
Upgrading (or Downgrading) of Local Economies within GPNs
'Destroying Value': Environmental Impacts of Global Production Networks
Production-Distribution-Consumption as a System of Materials Flows and Balances
Disturbing the Delicate Balance of Life on Earth: Damaging the Earth's Atmosphere
Fouling the Nest: Creating and Disposing of Waste
Winning and Losing: Where You Live Really Matters
Location Matters
Incomes and Poverty
Where Will the Jobs Come From?
Populations on the Move
Making the World a Better Place
Global Shifts: Pasts and Futures
'The Best of All Possible Worlds'?
TNCs and Corporate Social Responsibility
States and Issues of Global Governance
A Better World

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