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Introduction to Community Development

Theory, Practice, and Service-Learning

Jerry W. Robinson, Jr. Delta State University and University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Gary Paul Green University of Wisconsin-Madison
© 2011   328 pages   SAGE Publications, Inc   
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Paperback ISBN: 9781412974622 £61.00
Chapter 1. Developing Communities Jerry W. Robinson, Jr. and Gary Paul Green
Chapter 2. An Historical View of Community Development Lorraine E. Garkovich
Chapter 3. Community Development and Natural Landscapes Alan W. Barton and Theresa Selfa
Chapter 4. The Technical Assistance Approach Jerry W. Robinson, Jr. and Frank Fear
Chapter 5. The Self-Help Approach to Community Development Gary Paul Green
Chapter 6. The Interactional Approach to Community J.C. Bridger, M. A. Brennan and A.E. Luloff
Chapter 7. The Role of Conflict in Community Develoment Jerry W. Robinson, Jr. and L. Steven Smutko
Chapter 8. Action Research and Evaluation in Community Develoment John J. Green and Anna M. Kleiner
Chapter 9. The Role of Leadership Behaviors and Structures in Community Development Josh Stovall, Jerry W. Robinson, Jr., Albert Nylander and Ralph B. Brown
Chapter 10. Principles of Working Together: Developing Relationships That Support Community Development Initiatives Janet S.Ayers and Anne Heinze Silvis
Chapter 11. Communities in Rural America: Current Realities and Emerging Strategies Lionel J. Beaulieu and Glenn D. Israel
Chapter 12. Community Development Challenges of Inner-City Neighborhoods Jeffrey S. Lowe and William M. Harris, Sr.
Chapter 13. Engaging Youth in Community Development Wendy Wheeler and Ana Maria Thomas
Chapter 14. Health: A New Community Development Challenge Lois Wright Morton and Nina Glasgow
Chapter 15. Schools and Community Development Kai A. Schafft and Hobart L. Harmon
Chapter 16. Sustainable Communities: Sustainability and Community Development Jerry Hembd and Jane Silberstein
Chapter 17. Globalization and Community Development: Synergy or Disintegration Paulette Meikle and Gary Paul Green
Chapter 18. Emerging Issues in Community Development Gary Paul Green and Jerry W. Robinson, Jr.

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