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Effective Multi-Agency Partnerships

Putting Every Child Matters into Practice

Rita Cheminais Freelance Education Consultant
© 2009   160 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
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Paperback ISBN: 9781848601390 £29.99
Hardcover ISBN: 9781848601383 £92.00
Ebook ISBN: 9781446203514
The Origin, Concept and Principles of Multi-Agency Partnership Working
The Benefits and Challenges of Collaborative Multi-Agency Working
How to Operate and Manage Productive Multi-Agency Partnership Working
Developing Effective Team Around the Child Partnership Working
The Features of Good Practice in Multi-Agency Partnership Working
Evaluating the Impact and Outcomes of Multi-Agency Partnership Working
Downloadable Material Contents
Chapter 1
Figure 1.2 Checklist for developing effective multi-agency partnership working
Table 1.3 Joint inter-professional visioning and development activity
Table 1.4 Common core of skills and knowledge for multi-agency working
Table 1.6 Professional Standards for Teachers and multi-professional knowledge
Table 1.7 National Occupational Standards for Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools - Working with Colleagues
Chapter 2
Figure 2.1 SWOT analysis for multi-agency partnership working
Figure 2.2 Force field analysis framework for multi-agency partnership working
Figure 2.3 Diamond ranking template
Figure 2.4 Checklist for building the multi-agency team
Table 2.1 Benefits practitioners bring to multi-agency team working
Table 2.2 Nine diamonds inter-professional multi-agency activity
Table 2.3 Personal profile for multi-agency practitioners
Table 2.4 External service/agency information sheet
Chapter 3
Figure 3.1 Checklist for operating a multi-agency tam in an educational setting
Figure 3.2 Checklist for managing change for multi-agency collaboration
Task 1: Changing practice
Task 2: What helps to effect change?
Task 3: Managing change in the multi-agency team
Table 3.4 Multi-agency benchmark self-assessment
Figure 3.5 Model Partnership Commitment Agreement
Table 3.5 Skills and Knowledge Audit for multi-agency partnership working
Table 3.6 Collaborative working survey
Chapter 4
Figure 4.1 Team around the Child pupil-friendly plan
Figure 4.2 Team around the Child Questionnaire
Figure 4.4 Checklist for confidentiality and information sharing
TAC Development Task (p.75)
Chapter 5
Table 5.1 Summary of effective multi-agency practice strategies
Group Practical Task (p.82)
Table 5.2a Template for sharing good practice in multi-agency working
Table5.2b Multi-agency good practice template
Chapter 6
Table 6.1 Every Child Matters Outcomes
Table 6.2 National Service Framework for Children, Young People and Maternity Services
Table 6.4 Mapping and evaluating the impact of multi-agency provision
Table 6.5 Evaluating the five ECM outcomes in a children's centre
Table 6.6 Evaluating partnership working in a children's centre
Table 6.7 Exemplar of an extended school evaluation profile on external partner agencies collaborative working
Figure 6.5Checklist for monitoring and evaluating multi-agency provision
Table 6.8 Evaluating the effectiveness of a multi-agency partnership
Table 6.9 Evaluating multi-agency partnership commitment and contributions

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