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Effective Multi-Agency Partnerships

Putting Every Child Matters into Practice

Rita Cheminais Freelance Education Consultant
© 2009   160 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
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Paperback ISBN: 9781848601390 £29.99
Hardcover ISBN: 9781848601383 £92.00
Ebook ISBN: 9781446203514

'[This] is an invaluable resource for any person working towards improving the Every Child Matters agenda; whether in education, health, social care or the voluntary sector' - Support for Learning

'[This book] provides a useful plethora of practical activities, realistic advice and useful guidance on the promotion of multiagency approaches within education establishments in England and will be of great interest to professionals and trainers who are responsible for progressing work in real settings' - European Journal of Teacher Education

'This is a fabulous resource, with helpful and practical hints, tips and downloadable electronic resources….A truly invaluable resource for leaders and managers in any early years setting, or for those who are responsible for training members of the children's workforce' - Early Years Educator

'For those of us who work in educational settings the book provides a useful window into the working of the other agencies with whom we may be co-operating in extended schools' - Matters Arising

'This is a detailed and comprehensive account of multi-agency work which will be a 'must read' for those involved in implementing the Every Child Matters agenda. Both the text and the layout are easy to access and understand. The introduction outlines a high expectation, which is achieved. Each chapter begins by setting out its intended audience and ends with a short clear summary, questions to provoke further deliberation and a list of resources and information. Rita Cheminais has successfully combined essential information, theoretical background and practical applications in this thorough study of multi-agency work. She achieves the intention of her title, and shows you how to put multi-agency work into practice' - Jean Salt, Past President of NASEN

'This book delivers what it intended in terms of practical resources and is a must for all leaders, managers, practitioners and lecturers in the field of children and young people's services. It provides a useful tool for implementing policy, especially ECM' - Nasen's Special

A interesting book which explores the concept of multi agency working under 'old' the Every Child Matters agenda. However caution is advised when acknowledging the ECM outcomes as the terminology for this agenda was changed when the old coalition government came into power in 2010.


HESC Office, Barnet College

Jul 06 2015

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Very easy to read and the students think it is clear and informative.

Mrs Emma Constantine

School of Education and Community, Glyndwr University

May 01 2015

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A good companion book for the strategy module.

Mr Andrew Faulkner

Business, South Devon College

Apr 01 2015

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Still useful book with practical helps for teaching about collaborative working.

Mrs Nicola Stobbs

Institute of Education, Worcester Univ.

Apr 23 2014

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Although a little dated now much of the content is still very relevant and the rationale for integrated working is still current. Clearly set out to support student researching and effectively supported by downloadable materials. A lot of supportive material for students to use in practice and through experience this will support understanding. I would have liked to see more signposting to more academic sources but a useful starting point.

Mrs Janet Harvell

Centre for Early Childhood, Worcester Univ.

Jan 15 2014

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This is a useful book for lecture notes and preparation. However a large part of the book is linked to Every Child Matters which is the support for learning initiative used in England. In Scotland it is a different initiative and would be confusing for students.

Mrs Sue Fraser

School of Education, Social Work &, Dundee University

Dec 18 2013

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This book is effective for understanding team working and role of multiagency working in early years. The exercises discussed are very good and helpful for understanding the concept of multiagency working.

Mrs Jeenal Desai

Humanities and Education, Doncaster University Centre

Nov 21 2013

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An excellent book which is definitely an essential read for all those who are covering multi agency partnerships.


HESC Office, Barnet College

Sep 09 2013

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good clear reading nice range of activities excellent for module on partnership working

Mrs Margaret Gough

Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, Coventry University

Jul 22 2013

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A good support publication, especially if the practitioner is part of the CAF process.

Mrs Sharon Lock

Comm, Adult Education Centre

Feb 06 2013

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Thts has been a useful book to guide discussion, and helps engage with the process of working with children as the centre

Ms Jill Harrison

Education, University of Greenwich

Nov 21 2012

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A very well organised book, which links theory and practice seamlessly. As a result, it provides clear guidance to students studying multi-agency working within children's services.

Mr Alex Witts

Education , East Riding College

Oct 02 2012

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Interesting but not what I was needing - sorry. I wanted something more Youth work focused. I have apssed on to my colleague in Early Years.

Miss Isabelle King

WFD, national Council of Voluntary Youth Services

Aug 17 2012

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Students commented on the clear, straight forward text. Some students said they would use some of the resources in their practice and would refer to some of the issues discussed in their role as practitioners as well as a student. Therefore they felt it was worth purchasing.

Mrs Jackie Braithwaite

ECBS, Macclesfield College

May 14 2012

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I found the downloadable materials in this book to be excellent. It is a great book particularly for tutors, and as such I have recommeded it to my colleagues working in the Health care and Early years department of the college

Mrs Gwyneth Walsham

School of Teaching and Learning, Gateshead College

Apr 21 2012

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really helpful resource

Mr Jackie Musgrave

Education Department, Solihull College

Feb 27 2012

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This is an essential text for the ‘working together’ module I am teaching. It has some fantastic activities in for the students to complete on multi-agency and partnership working.

Mr Sean Creaney

Centre for Childhood Studies, Stockport College

Jan 19 2012

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Excellent guide for students on placement trying to integrate knowledge and theory to the organisational and partnership contexts

Mrs Marie Ramsden

Department of Social Work, Hull University

Nov 08 2011

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This is a clearly organised book which is easy to navigate. There is some useful material for practical application in schools.

Mrs Alison Flint

School of , Northampton University

Sep 01 2011

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Good read, practicial and useful resources to assist delivery.

Ms Yvette Summers

Youth Studies, Gloucestershire University

Aug 08 2011

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Very clearly written, very practical, with a wide variety of stimulus tasks to prompt learner thinking about effective partnership working. Brilliant!

Mr Martin Harmer

Social Sciences & Law, University of Teesside

Feb 09 2011

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Very useful text

Mr Michael Marriott

Dept. Family Care and Mental Health, Greenwich University

Nov 19 2010

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Very useful text with accompanying resources

Ms Jane Melvin

Continuing Professional Development, Brighton University

Sep 14 2010

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This is an extremely accessible and useful book to support key SENCO required learning outcomes around understanding the principles of ECM and the issue of multi-agency partnerships. It is practical and yet thought provoking and is therefore a useful text at the start of the course.

Mrs Alison Ekins

Faculty of Education, Canterbury Christ Church University

Aug 15 2010

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An easy to read text incorporating activities that can be used to encourage discussion and debate. Content is relevant and supports exploration of current issues within children's services

Mrs Sharon Towse

Centre for Educational Studies, University of Hull

Jul 21 2010

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Encourages linking theory to practice. With some useful resources included.

Mrs Su Steed

Education and Professsional Development, Doncaster University Centre

Mar 30 2010

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This text provides practical advice and guidance on how to establish and maintain effective multi-agency partnership working. It is an ideal text for practitioners and students.

Ms Allison Dunhill

Education , Hull University

Jan 06 2010

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