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The SAGE Handbook of Workplace Learning

Margaret Malloch Victoria University, Australia
Univeristy of East London
Len Cairns Monash University
Karen Evans University of London
Bridget N O'Connor New York University
© 2010   504 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
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Paperback ISBN: 9781446270523 £29.99
Hardcover ISBN: 9781847875891 £110.00
Ebook ISBN: 9781446248416
Theories of Work, Place and Learning: New Directions Len Cairns and Margaret Malloch
Theories of Workplace Learning Paul Hager
Workplaces and Learning Knud Illeris
Workplace Learning and the Organization Alison Fuller and Lorna Unwin
Subjectivity, Self and Personal Agency in Learning Through and for Work Stephen Billet
Learning in the Workplace: Communities of Practice and Beyond Len Cairns
Activity Theory and Learning at Work Yrjo Engestrom
Informal Learning at Work: Conditions, Processes and Logics Per Erik Ellstrom
Towards a Meta-Theory of Learning and Performance Darlene Russ-Eft
Knowledge and Workplace Learning Nicholas M Allix
Rethinking Work-Based Learning: For Education Professionals and Professionals Who Educate Karen Evans, David Guile and Judy Harris
Researching Workplace Learning: An Overview and Critique Peter H Sawchuck
How Researching Learning at Work can Lead to Tools for Enhancing Learning Michael Eraut
Researching Workplace Learning in the United States Victoria Marsick, Karen Watkins and Bridget N O'Connor
Researching Workplace Learning in Australia Nicky Solomon and David Boud
Researching Workplace Learning in Europe Hans Gruber and Christian Harteis
Initiatives in VET and Workplace Learning: A Korean Perspective Sang-Duk Choi
Age Management in Organisations in the European Union Gerhard Naegele and Alan Walker
Work and Learning: From Schools to Workplaces Richard D Lakes
Competency-based Training and its Impact on Workplace Learning in Australia Allie Clemans and Peter Rushbrook
Work-related Learning in the United States: Past Practices, Paradigm Shifts, and Policies of Partnerships John M Dirkx
Workplace Learning in East Africa: A Case Study Martin Mulder and Judith Gulikers
Policies for the Knowledge Economy: Knowledge Discourses at Play Tara Fenwick
Virtual Workplace Learning: Promises Met? Robert G Brookshire, Kara M Lybarger and Lynn B Keane
Seeing Workplace Learning through an Emotional Lens Brenda R Beatty
Towards a Social Ecology of Adult Learning in and through the Workplace Karen Evans, Edmund Waite, and Natasha Kersh
Beyond the Workplace: Learning in the Lifeplace Margaret Harris and Colin Chisholm
Workplace Learning in the Knowledge Economy: The Development of Vocational Practice and Social Capital David Guile
Workplace Learning and Higher Education Carol Costley
Identifying and Classifying Corporate Universities in the United States Amy Lui-Abel
Partnerships Between and Among Education and the Public and Private Sectors Bridget N O'Connor and Doug Lynch
Brave New Workplace: The Impact of Technology on Location and Job Structures Elizabeth Regan and Chester Delaney
Technology and Knowledge Management Jingli Cheng, Su Jin Son and Curtis J Bonk
Workplace Learning: Organizations, Ethics and Issues Craig E Johnson

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