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Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship

Exploring the Role of Education

Anna Craft The Open University
Howard Gardner Harvard Graduate School of Education
Guy Claxton University of Bristol, UK
© 2008   200 pages   Corwin   
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Paperback ISBN: 9781412949408 £23.99
Hardcover ISBN: 9781412949392 £54.00
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1. Nurturing Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship in Education: A Collective Debate Anna Craft, Howard Gardner, Guy Claxton
Part One: Stimulus Chapters on Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship
2. Tensions in Creativity and Education: Enter Wisdom and Trusteeship? Anna Craft
3. Wisdom: Advanced Creativity? Guy Claxton
4. Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship Howard Gardner
Part Two: Response Chapters on Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship
5. Creative Wisdom: Similarities, Contrasts, Integration, and Application Dean Keith Simonton
6. Creativity and Wisdom: Are They Incompatible? David Henry Feldman
7. How Are We Disposed to Be Creative? Jonathan Rowson
8. Good Thinking: The Creative and Competent Mind Helen Haste
9. Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship: Niches of Cultural Production Patrick Dillon
10. Wise Creativity and Creative Wisdom Hans Henrik Knoop
11. Creativity and Wisdom Christopher Bannerman
12. Leadership as a Basis for the Education of Our Children Robert J. Sternberg
13. Liberating the Wise Educator: Cultivating Professional Judgment in Educational Practice Dave Trotman
Part Three: Synthesizing Creativity, Wisdom, and Trusteeship
14. Concluding Thoughts: Good Thinking — Education for Wise Creativity Guy Claxton, Anna Craft, Howard Gardner

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