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Identity in Question

Anthony Elliott Flinders University (Australia)
Paul du Gay Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
© 2009   248 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
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Paperback ISBN: 9781412922432 £26.99
Hardcover ISBN: 9781412922425 £82.00
Ebook ISBN: 9780857026644
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'A spectacular collection of essays by the most noted theorists of identity. The book well frames the issues around identity that presently are defining living in the early 21st century … A must read' - Patricia Ticineto Clough, City University, New York


'A wonderfully disparate and impressively distinguished set of authors to address the question of identity. The result is exciting and fruitful. No other book connects so elegantly sociological notions of individualization with the psychoanalysis of melancholy' -

Scott Lash, Goldsmiths College, University of London


'A series of cutting-edge papers on the new individualism ... an excellent collection that I would recommend to anybody who wants to understand the state of individuality today' -

Mark Featherstone, Keele University


Identity in Question brings together in a single volume the world's leading theorists of identity to provide a decisive account of the debates surrounding self and identity. Presenting incisive analyses of the impact of globalization, postmodernism, psychoanalysis and post-feminism upon our imaginings of self, this book explores the complexity, contentiousness and significance of current debates over identity in the social sciences and the public sphere.


As these contributions make clear, mapping the contours and consequences of transformations in identity in our globalizing world is not simply an academic exercise. It is a pressing concern for public and political debates. As identity continues its move to the centre of political life, so too do the possibilities for creatively re-imagining how we choose to live, both individually and collectively, in an age of uncertainty and insecurity.


Identity in Question is essential reading for all students of self, identity, individualism and individualization.




Anthony Elliott and Paul du Gay



Zygmunt Bauman

Identity in a Globalizing World


Ulrich Beck and Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim

Losing the Traditional: Individualization and 'Precarious Freedoms'


Anthony Elliott and Charles Lemert

The Global New Individualist Debate: Three Theories of Individualism and Beyond


Drucilla Cornell

Heeding Piedade's Song: Feminism and Sublime Affinity


Angela McRobbie

Top Girls? Young Women and the Post-Feminist Sexual Contract

Paul du Gay

The Identities of Self-Interest: Performativity, History, Ethics

Anthony Elliott

The Constitution of the Subject: Primary Repression after Kristeva and Laplanche


Jeffrey Prager

Melancholic Identity: Post-traumatic Loss Memory and Identity Formation


Stephen Frosh and Lisa Barraitser

Goodbye To Identity


Jessica Evans

Cathected Identities: Governance and Community Activism


Janet Sayers Psy-Art: Re-Imagining Identity

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