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Research Synthesis and Meta-Analysis

A Step-by-Step Approach Fourth Edition

Harris Cooper Duke University
© 2010   280 pages   SAGE Publications, Inc   
Volume 2
Inspection Copy
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Paperback ISBN: 9781412937054 £36.99

A relevant supplementary text.

Mr Andrew Hicks

Faculty of Social Sciences/Department of Sociology, University of Guyana

Jun 29 2015

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In my course (Advanced statistical methods: Meta-analysis) we are not only reading and discussing particular meta-analyses and methodological issues but we're also conducting a meta-analysis on our own. This book shows the relevant practical steps (how to make a literature search, how to code studies, how to analyze the data, how to interpret the results etc.) and explains problems using good examples and diagrams. The author is a respected scholar and scientist in this field, so "Research Synthesis and Meta-Analysis" is a valuable source of information. Not only for my students but also for myself (how to explain to them some peculiar phenomena).

Mr Lukasz Stasielowicz

Faculty of Psychology, University of Osnabruck

May 06 2015

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A good book for any researcher, but probably too detailed and specific for anything under phd level.

Dr James Cunningham

Management, Robert Gordon University

May 05 2015

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Ms Catherine Shaffner

Public and Allied Health, Bowling Green State University

Sep 29 2014

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An excellent coverage of research synthesis that highlights the necessary steps, the common pitfalls and the strengths and limitations of the approach. The writing style is accessible enough for undergraduates to understand and work with the text. Shall certainly be recommending as a supplemental textbook for any students needing to know more about meta-analytic techniques.

Mr David Saunders

Division of Psychology, Northampton Univ.

Jun 03 2014

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Excellent, easy to read book about meta-analysis. Breaks down large equations so that they are comprehensible. Great starter book for students/researchers who want to conduct meta-analytic research.

Miss Charlotte Pennington

Department of Psychology, Edge Hill University

Mar 20 2014

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Fully recommended for MA students. Great little book to make life easy for research students.

Dr Windfred Mfuh

Institute of Applied Entrepreneurship, Coventry University

Jan 31 2014

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An excellent theoretical overview which aids understanding of meta-analysis, is accessible and supports the needs of postgraduate students undertaking systematic review

Mrs Sarah Ford

School of Applied Social Sciences, University Campus Suffolk

Jul 15 2013

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Good practical read for PG level students and/or researchers undertaking quantitative systematic reviews. Although it fails to mention PRISMA as the internationally accepted guidelines for publishing SRs. Will be recommended as supplemental reading.

Mrs Michelle Maden

Faculty of Health, Edge Hill University

Dec 04 2012

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Will definitively refer to this book on my course.

Professor Anne Soderlund

Dep of Physiotherapy, School of Health, Care and Social Welfare

Nov 28 2012

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I really like the book, as it takes a very thorough and scientific approach to literature review etc. I had intended to use in Academic Writing classes, for which it may be to specialized, but I have used it already for my personal projects.

Professor Barbara Stoettinger

International Marketing & Management, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration

Nov 19 2012

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I have made this a recommended book for students who plan to do systematic reviews

Ms Kristen Sethares

Adult and Child Nursing, University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

Oct 05 2012

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In my view the book is still too closely framed within a broadly quantitative way of thinking about social research. While I will certainly refer students to this book for specific purposes, I cannot recommend it generally. There is little sign here even of the influence of recent work on qualitative synthesis. It is mentioned on p32, but no more than this. Given that the focus of the book is on quantitative research synthesis, its title and blurb are misleading.

Professor Martyn Hammersley

Faculty of Education, The Open University

May 03 2012

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The content was just right this this course.

Mrs Sharon Toombs

College of Nursing, University of Arkansas Medical Sciences

Mar 26 2012

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Very practical book on how to synthesise and present your research data!

Dr Krishna Regmi

School of Health & Bioscience, University of East London

Nov 16 2011

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Too advanced for undergraduate students

Dr Ilona Mikkonen

Department of Marketing, Aalto University School of Economics

Jul 20 2011

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While the book is very good, written in a very systematic way, I find it too difficult for my students.

Professor Valentina Hlebec

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana

Jan 24 2011

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I was disappointed with this book. It seemed to contain very little useful information (on such an important topic about which not enough has been written), and as a result I could not justify requiring my students to purchase it.



Jan 03 2011

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This book is essential to students undertaking a meta-analysis as their proposed research methodology. It gives students a clear guide on how to do a meta analysis. I have shared this book with my students and they found it easy to follow and enhanced their understanding of meta-analysis. I therefore highly recommend this book to those students who are struggling to comprehend a meta-analysis approach

Mr Moses Murandu

School of Health & Wellbeing, Wolverhampton University

Dec 15 2010

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This is very relevant book for students conducting a systematic review dissertation. The chapters are clearly laid out and easy to follow. The step by step approach is also very useful for novices in this area

Dr Josette Bettany-Saltikov

School of Health & Social Care, University of Teesside

Sep 10 2010

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This book is a USA publication and is not orientated to the standards required of, for example, the UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. For example, it does not include standard quality assessment checklists and has no mention or QUOROM or PRISMA editor's checklists. It is also aimed at social sciences rather than medicine so includes topics such as meta-analysis of correlation coefficients that tend not to be used in medicine. In the Using Computerised Meta-analysis Packages section, there is no mention of the freely available meta-analysis software within the Cochrane Library.

Catherine Meads

public health, epidemiology and biostatistics, University of Birmingham

Aug 18 2010

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A useful introductory text on the stages of research synthesis for graduate students in the social and behavioural sciences.

Dr Paul Sutcliffe

Warwick Medical School, Warwick University

Apr 22 2010

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An excellent overview of the area that students (and staff) undertaking systematic reviews will find immensely valuable. There is enough information here to enable good quality systematic reviews to be carried out.

Mr Joseph Curran

Dept of Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust

Apr 07 2010

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This book provides a very fundamental yet with enough details for beginners in social sciences for understanding meta-analysis.

Dr Wu Joseph

Psychology , City University of Hong Kong

Mar 21 2010

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Meets needs for this research, graduate course.

Dr Gilbert Jacobs

Business Dept, Mercyhurst College

Feb 18 2010

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wasn't quite what I was looking for

Dr Deborah Shelton

Nursing Dept, University of Connecticut

Feb 02 2010

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Too specific for research on course on evidence-based practice.

Tawna Cooksey-James

College of Nursing & Health, Wright State University

Jan 19 2010

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an excellent theoretical overview and practical guide to meta-analysis.

Professor Matthias Schwannauer

Division of Clinical & Health Psychology, Edinburgh University

Dec 22 2009

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The text discusses quantitative approache; this aspect of it is not useful for my teaching. However, it provides an interesting and topical discussion of meta-analysis.

Siobhan Thomas

Department of Arts, Media and English, London South Bank University

Oct 12 2009

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