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The Future of Global Conflict

Volker Bornschier University of Zurich, Switzerland
Christopher Chase-Dunn University of California at Riverside, USA
© 1999   320 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
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Paperback ISBN: 9780761958666 £38.99
Hardcover ISBN: 9780761958659 £123.00
Ebook ISBN: 9781848609075
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This critical analysis of long-term trends and recent developments in world systems examines such questions as: Will the cycles of boom and bust, peace and war of the past 500 years continue? Or have either long-term trends or recent changes so profoundly altered the structure of world systems that these cycles will end or take on a less destructive form?

The noted international contributors to this volume examine the question of future dominance of the core global systems and include comprehensive discussions of the economic, political and military role of the Pacific Rim, Japan and the former Soviet Union.