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Economy and Society

Overviews in Economic Sociology

Alberto Martinelli University of Milan
Neil J Smelser University of California, Berkeley (Emeritus)
© 1991   322 pages   SAGE Publications Ltd   
Volume 41
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Paperback ISBN: 9780803984172 £38.99
Hardcover ISBN: 9780803984165 £123.00
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This is the first overview of the interface between economics and sociology. Normally considered quite separately, the volume reconciles the disciplines. Amongst the many questions considered are: the formal relationship between the two disciplines; the distinctive ranges of empirical data which each discipline calls into question; how the substantive findings of one discipline can modify the assumptions of the other.

The book explores the historical development of economic theories of society and the concept of the rational economic actor and contextualizes debates on rationality. The contribution of economic sociology is demonstrated through critical assessments of key areas of the literature such as the state\market division in capitalist and socialist economies, the informal economy and the relation of states and economies to the international arena. As a major overview of the dialogue between economists and sociologists, this book will be of interst to a broad range of lecturers and students in the social sciences. Economy and Society is being published simultaneously as Volume 38, issues 2 - 3 of Current Sociology.

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