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Research Methods in Accounting

Research Methods in Accounting Third Edition
by Malcolm Smith

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Constructing Grounded Theory

Research Methods in Early Childhood
An Introductory Guide, Second Edition
by Penny Mukherji, Deborah Albon

Packed full of even more examples of research methods in practice, this second edition now comes with a fantastic website giving you all you need to understand research methods in early childhood.

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Understanding Working Memory

Understanding Working Memory
Second Edition
by Tracy Packiam Alloway, Ross G. Alloway

Working memory is how your brain stores information for a short period of time and how much you can fit on this ‘post-it note’ hugely influences how well you do at school and beyond. Understanding working memory means you will be able to better support children’s learning and concentration.

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Handling Qualitative Data

Handling Qualitative Data
A Practical Guide, Third Edition
by Lyn Richards

With examples from a wide range of social science disciplines including Education, Media, Sociology, Psychology and Health, this book is the perfect companion for all those starting out qualitative research.

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Biological Psychology

Biological Psychology
by Suzanne Higgs, Alison Cooper, Jonathan Lee, Mike Harris

Written to guide undergraduate students new to brain and behaviour through the key biological concepts that determine how we act, Biological Psychology provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject. It includes detailed coverage of sensation, movement, sleep, eating and emotions, with further chapters on the biological basis of psychological disorders and the effects of drug-taking.

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