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International Human Resource Management Fourth Edition
by Anne-Wil HarzingAshly Pinnington

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Constructing Grounded Theory

Marketing Communications
Second Edition
by John Egan

How many marketing messages do you think you see a day? Why do some stick with us more than others? Why do we all remember the Cadbury’s gorilla drummer or the Budweiser Frogs? What do they say about the brand? How will you communicate your own marketing messages just as successfully?

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Studying Leadership

Values and Ethics in Social Work Practice
Third Edition
by Lester Parrott

Applying values and ethics to social work practice is taught widely across the qualifying degree programme, on both Masters and BA courses. This book is a clear introduction to this subject and will help students develop their understanding by showing social work students how ethics can have positive impacts on the lives of vulnerable people. There are chapters on how social workers can make good ethical and value-based decisions when working with risk, and how the role of the social worker as professional can impact on service users.

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Social Work

The Counselling and Psychotherapy Research Handbook
by Andreas VosslerNaomi Moller

Research is a vital and often daunting component of many counselling and psychotherapy courses. As well as completing their own research projects, trainees across modalities must understand the research in the field – what it tells them and how to do it.

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Professional Studies in Primary Education

An Introduction to the Therapeutic Relationship in Counselling and Psychotherapy
by Stephen PaulDivine Charura

The therapeutic relationship is considered to be the most significant factor in achieving positive therapeutic change. As such, it is essential that trainee and practising therapists are able to facilitate a strong working alliance with each of their clients. This book will help them do just that, by offering a practical and evidence-based guide to all aspects of the therapeutic relationship in counselling and psychotherapy.

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