Gillie Bolton

Pub Date: Feb 2010

Pages: 282

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Gillie Bolton
About the Book

Reflective Practice Writing and Professional Development tells its readers:
    a. what reflection and reflexivity are: clearly, critically, practically
    b. why reflection and reflexivity is vital to professional and personal development
    c. how to reflect and be reflexive creatively and in-depth.

Readers said the 2nd Edition:
  • is a box of chocolates
  • is an Aladdins Cave
  • is more of a page turner than Harry Potter
  • really changed my perspective


  • I just wanted you to know how empowering your book was for me and how it freed me up, gave me confidence, and believe in myself, that what I think does somehow have relevancy. It allowed me to develop my own voice in writing. Thank you for your wonderful words.

Reflective Practice Writing and Professional Development is:
  • a tried and tested creatively dynamic reflective and reflexive process to promote effective professional development.
  • structured guidance for a searching yet creative method of reflection and reflexivity. Each step is carefully explained, exemplified, and the theoretical base clearly argued.
  • a method which powerfully harnesses practitioners' natural reflective and reflexive powers. In so doing, it enables practitioners to retain (or regain) responsibility for and authority over their own experience, knowledge, skills, and the reflective and reflexive processes.
  • a straightforward creative approach to critiquing experience, knowledge, assumptions, values, and professional role. The methods are explained and exemplified, theoretical background is lucidly argued, key terms are defined, varied practical exercises are given, further reading suggested.

It does this by:
    i) jargon-free theory explanation which draws on an eclectic range of sources making this text appropriate to a range of professions
    ii) step by step explanation of creative dynamic methods
    iii) illuminative examples
    iv) clearly explained exercises and key further reading suggestions

It is written for:
  • Professional / academic trainers and developers
  • Professional students
  • In medicine, social work, healthcare, education, therapy/counseling, clinical psychology, police, clergy, law, architecture…

This third edition offers:
  • more extensive and eclectic theoretical frameworks
  • clearly set-out attractive exercises and further reading suggestions concluding each chapter
  • more focused methodological explanations
  • a glossary giving definition of key terms
  • a wider professional and world-wide range of examples